Twentieth-Century American Sculpture
at the White House

The twelve works of art selected from American art museums for this special exhibition span over seventy years of the 20th century, and represent a diverse and vital aspect of our cultural heritage. Conceived by Mrs. Clinton and drawn from public collections in the heartland of the nation and installed in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden of the White House, the exhibition has been organized under the auspices of the Association ofArt Museum Directors.

Over half of the inclusions in this exhibition are by living American artists. Diverse in their ideas, idioms, and chosen medium, they span several artistic generations. Divided almost equally between figuration and abstraction, all evoke references to nature and the human figure. We hope you enjoy the following virtual tour of the exhibit.

"Observer" by Louise Bourgeois.
On loan from Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

"Five Rudders" by Alexander Calder.
On loan from the Washington University Gallery of Art, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

"Shift Falls" by Brian Hunt.
On loan from the Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio.

"Farmer's Dream" by Richard Hunt.
On loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois.

"Curve VIII" by Ellsworth Kelly.
On loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

"Standing Woman" by Gaston Lachaise.
On loan from the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"Diana" by Paul Manship.
On loan from the Minnesota Museum of American Art, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"Actaeon" by Paul Manship.
On loan from the Minnesota Museum of American Art, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"Aurelia Number 1" by Manuel Neri.
On loan from the Laumeler Sculpture Park and Museum, Saint Louis, Missouri.

"Tropical Tree III" by Louise Nevelson.
On loan from the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio.

"Walking Man" by George Segal.
On loan from the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Shield" by Judith Shea.
On loan from the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mrs. Clinton's special thanks go to the Association of Art Museum Directors, the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, George Neubert, J. Carter Brown, and the lending institutions for their time, energy, and wisdom in making this exhibition possible.

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