Helpful Clinton Administration Resource Numbers
for Women and Families

(202) 205-6673 President's Interagency Committee on Womens Business Enterprise (Call for information and assistance on women entrpreneurial issues).
(800) 827-5335 Department of Labor Women's Bureau Clearinghouse (Call for information on women's legal rights in the workplace).
(202) 219-6611 Department of Labor Women's Bureau, general office (Call for information concerning economic and international issues).
(202) 205-6673 U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Women's Business Ownership (specifically created to help women entrepreneurs).
(800) 8-ASK-SBA U. S. Small Business Administration (Call for information on managing and financing a woman-owned small business).
(800) 532-1169 Department of Transportation ShortTerm Lending Program (Call for an application for a short-term loan, favorable to women in small businesses).
(202) 512-1800 Working Women Count! A Report to the Nation, Government Printing Office, Publication #029-002-0082 (Call for a copy of the survey results).
(800) 669-4000 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Call to report sexual discrimination or harassment).
(202) 219-9475 Office of Federal Contract Compliance (Call to report sexual discrimination in any company which contracts with the federal government).
(800) 616-2242 Department of Health and Human Services, National Child Care Information Center (Call for information concerning child care and other work and family issues).
(202) 616-8894 Violence Against Women Office in the Justice Department (Call for help and information concerning domestic violence).
(800) 4-FED-AID Department of Education, Federal Student Loan Aid
(800) 433-3243 Information Center (Call regarding information about and Applications for student loans).
(800) 251-7236 National School to Work Program, Learning and Information Center (Call for information about implementing a School-to-Work program in your area). Help students make the connection between schoolwork and career.
(202) 606-5000 Corporation for National Service, AmeriCorps Program (Call for information about Americorps, a program which loans money to students in return for community service).
(202) 260-1856 Department of Education, Office for Safe and Drug-Free Schools (Call for information regarding federal programs addressing violence and drugs in public schools).
(800) 872-5327
Department of Education, Information Resource Center (Call for information about and referral to any Department of Education Program, including Goals 2000: Educate America Program).
(202) 205-5463 Department of Education Bilingual Education and Minority Affairs (Call for information about bilingual education programs).
(202) 205-8572 Department of Health and Human Services, Head Start (Call for information about Head Start, a pre-school program for underprivileged children).
(202) 260-2670 Department of Education, Women's Educational Equity Act Program (Call for funding for agencies and organizations which implement programs to promote educational equality for women and girls).
(202) 514-4092 Department of Justice, Educational Opportunity Section (Call for information about federal statutes concerning discrimination in schools).
(800) 799-SAFE National Domestic Violence Hotline (Call for information on domestic violence, emergency shelters, legal advocacy, assistance programs, social services, and batterers' programs).
(202) 690-7650 Public Health Service, Office on Women's Health (Call for general information on resources, services and education on women's health programs in the federal government).
(301) 594-4000 Public Health Service, Office of Population Affairs (Call for referral to regional federally funded family planning clinics).
(301) 402-1770 Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health (Call for information about women's health research at the National Institutes of Health).
(301) 827-0350 Office of Women's Health, Food and Drug Administration (Call for FDA policies and regulations concerning women's inclusion in clinical trials and research).
(800) 677-1116 Eldercare Locator, Funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging (Call for assistance for elder persons and caregivers).
(800) 729-6686 National Clearinghouse on Alcohol and Drug Information, Department of Health and Human Services, Center on Substance Abuse Prevention (Call for information on drug and alcohol abuse).
(800) 421-4211 National Institute of Mental Health Depression (Call for informaton on depression).
(800) 54-WOMEN Women's Health Initiative, National Institutes of Health (Call to sign up for a study on preventing heart and lung disease in women ages 50-79).
(800) 4-CANCER Cancer Information Service, National Cancer Institute (Call for information about cancer and for referral to an FDA approved mammography center in your area).
(800) 458-5231 AIDS Clearinghouse, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Call for information about AIDS and referral to research and medical services).
Children and Youth
(202) 219-8412 Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, Family and Medical Leave Team (Call to find out your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act).
(202) 690-6782 Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Child Care Bureau (Call for referrals to local, federally funded child care centers, along with information about national child care policy).
(202) 205-8821 Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau (Call for information about federally funded youth programs).
(202) 606-5000 Corporation for National Service, Learn and Serve America (Call to apply for grants given to community and schoolbased programs which enable children K-12 to help alleviate local social problems).
(301) 496-3454 Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (Call for biomedical information on children's disorders and health, as well as preventative medicine).
(703) 385-7565 National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect (Call for information about child abuse and neglect).
(202) 647-2688 Department of State, Office of Children's Issues (Call for information about international child adoption).
(202) 401-9373 Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Child Support Enforcement (Call for information on child support enforcement).

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