The President' s FY 2000 budget includes substantial R&D increases to fight emerging terrorist threats and to fund basic science and technology for tomorrow' s military technologies.

Fundamental Defense Science and Technology

The President continues his strong support for military S&T with a request for $7.38 billion for basic, applied, and advanced technology R&D, almost 3% over last year' s request. Strong, sustained DOD investments in basic and applied research not only provide our military services with cutting edge technologies and systems, but also are a key element in our nation' s science and technology enterprise. The vital stewardship role of defense science and technology is highlighted by the inclusion of defense basic and applied research in the Administration' s 21st Century Research Fund.

Combating Cyberterrorism and Infrastructure Threats

The budget provides $500 million, a 6.4% increase, in R&D funding for advanced critical infrastructure protection technologies. America' s prosperity and national security depend upon critical infrastructures banking and finance, energy, information and communications, transportation, water, emergency services, and government services. In today' s Information Age, these infrastructures are dependent upon computer and information networks for their smooth, reliable, and continuous operations. Advanced technologies are a key element of the President' s efforts to ensure that these critical infrastructures remain secure.

Chemical/Biological Terrorism

The budget strengthens American' s defense against the threat of chemical and biological weapons, including increased preparedness at home. The budget will provide $166 million in R&D funding in these areas:

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