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MAX Status

On Thursday, June 15 1999, a meeting was held with the BOAC MAX Users Group to discuss the possible automation of the Budget Appendix text. You can view a slide presentation by selecting the topic Overview of the Budget Text Process below. Below also is a questionnaire that was distributed at the meeting to solicit more detailed comments about this proposal. Since we would like to hear from all of our users about this topic, we would appreciate if you could take some time to fill out the questionnaire and submit it to us.

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blue ball Training schedule
blue ball Production schedule

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Budget Documents

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-11
Explanation of MAX Edit Checks
Listing of OMB Agency/Bureau and Treasury Codes
blue ball OMB Circular No. A-34
blue ball Preparation of the FY 1999 budget and supporting data

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MAX A-11 Documents

blue ball Notification of software and hardware requirements
blue ball Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System
blue ball MAX A-11 User's Guide
blue ball Agency Budget Survey

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Possibility of Automating Budget Text

blue ball Overview of the Budget Text Process
blue ball Budget Text Preparation Questionnaire
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MAX A-11 Software

blue ball MAX A-11 Data Entry Software (self-extracting archive, 1.5 mb)