CEA Publications

Cover Graphic of Economic Report


The 1999 Economic Report of the President


Cover Graphic of Changing America Chartbook

Changing America:
Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being
by Race and Hispanic Origin


White Papers

The Effects of Welfare Policy and the Economic Expansion on Welfare Caseloads: An Update

Families and the Labor Market, 1969-1999: Analyzing the "Time Crunch" PDF Information (84 kb)

Monthly Economic Indicators
A Publication of the CEA and Joint Economic Committee

Link to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration to Access
Growth and Competition in U.S. Telecommunications 1993-1998:
A Progress Report by the Council of Economic Advisers

Link to "What's New at the White House" to Access
The Kyoto Protocol and the President's Policies to Address Climate Change:
Administration Economic Analysis



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