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Biography for Todd A. Summers

Todd A. Summers

President Clinton with Todd Summers in the Oval Office

Photograph of the First Lady with Todd Summers


Todd Summers was appointed by the President on August 4, 1997 as the Deputy Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, serving under its Director, Sandra L. Thurman.

Most recently, Mr. Summers served as the Executive Director of the AIDS Housing Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts. As one of its founders, Summers developed the organization into a nationally recognized technical assistance provider and advocate for addressing the supported housing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. During his tenure, the AIDS Housing Corporation helped develop over 32 congregate housing programs as well as a statewide network of scattered-site rental assistance. In addition, the agency raised more than $50 million for innovative housing and supportive service programs for people with HIV/AIDS and other special needs.

Prior to that (1989 to 1992), Summers was a Program Manager for the Boston Housing Partnership (BHP), a model public-private partnership supporting the development of affordable housing for the poor. While at BHP, Summers supervised the redevelopment of more than 920 units of housing in the most impoverished neighborhoods of Boston.

From 1984 to 1989, Summers served in a variety of capacities with the Claremont Corporation, a for-profit developer of affordable housing and office buildings in Massachusetts. Starting as a Financial Analyst and leaving as a Vice President, Summers was responsible for several multimillion-dollar development projects.

He has served in leadership positions with numerous organizations, including co-chair of the Boston Ryan White HIV Services Planning Council, president of the Boston AIDS Consortium, executive committee member of Cities Advocating Emergency AIDS Relief (CAEAR Coalition), and board member of the National AIDS Housing Coalition. He has presented testimony before Congress and the Massachusetts legislature on the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS, led delegations in meetings with cabinet officers, and presented at numerous conferences nationally and internationally.

Summers has received commendations from the Mayor of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Boston City Council, and the Boston Fair Housing Commission. He has also co-written several publications, books, and articles on AIDS and housing issues.

Mr. Summers is a 1982 graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in religion.

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