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Millennium Evenings at the White House are a series of lectures and cultural showcases hosted by the President and First Lady that highlight the creativity and inventiveness of the American people through our ideas, art and scientific discoveries. The lectures present prominent scholars, creators and visionaries and are acessible to the public via cybercast over the internet and broadcast via satellite. Internet participants are encouraged to email questions before or during the lecture. The broadcasts are usually carried live by cable television and radio outlets though those decisions are often made close to the time of the event. The Millennium Evenings are sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities with support from Sun Microsystems.

Group gatherings at downlink sites (such as community colleges, museums, schools, homes, libraries -- any place with a satellite dish) offer the opportunity to hold local discussions or receptions around the broadcast. Satellite coordinates are posted on the White House web page several days before the event -- satellite time is bought on both the C and KU bands. The cybercast can be accessed via the White House web page or Sun Microsystems web page.

Previous Millennium Evenings:

The Seventh Millennium Evening at the White House: Lessons Learned from a Violent Century (4/12/99)

The Sixth Millennium Evening at the White House
Women as Citizens: Vital Voices Through the Century (3/16/99)

The Meaning of the Millennium - The Fifth Millennium Evening at the White House (1/25/99)

Jazz: An Expression of Democracy
The Fourth Millennium Evening at the White House (9/18/98)

White House Hosts Third Millennium Evening with Poets Laureate (4/22/98)

White House Hosts Second Millennium Evening with Stephen Hawking (3/6/98)

White House Hosts First Millennium Evening with Professor Bernard Bailyn (2/11/98)

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